Powerful talks and books on cognitive bias and memory, specially written for leaders of people.

Do you need a keynote speaker who can not only increase your profits and improve your decision making, but also entertain your delegates? Steve Cantwell can help you by:

-Teaching the most important biases affecting business people
-Improving decision making and judgment
-Increasing awareness of when errors are likely to be made
-Entertaining, using magic to demonstrate his points

Your mind, and the minds of your employees, are being subtly influenced all the time. These hidden influences cause unnoticed biases in reasoning and decision making, biases which can snowball into hugely expensive mistakes. Steve Cantwell's talks will open your mind, and teach you when you are being influenced and how to avoid those mistakes.

The audience are invited to take part in experiments and demonstrations, working together and keeping the atmosphere fun and exciting.
There is so much your employees will learn about how the mind really works, and how to harness its power. They will leave knowing how to make better, more rational, decisions and judgememts.
Steve Cantwell's background in magic ensures that this lecture will leave your delegates entertained and energised.

Interview with Lateral Thinking expert Paul Sloane

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